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We can offer VIP transfers and Las Vegas Shows Events

Travel by Cami have a passion for travel and the highest standards for services that we offer.

Our success is due to personal relationships with hotel and providers, creating trust and integrity with our clientele. We listen carefully, and add valuable solutions that consistently exceed our customers expectations.

We have exclusive relationships with every hotel in our program and when you book with us; so do you. Our concept is to include all kind of tours and events in our friendly system that will be the best tool for your future bookings.

VIP Transfers

Airport Transfer

Las Vegas Shows and Events

Las Vegas Shows and Events

We offer the leading worldwide VIP transfers services and our affiliate network now allows us to provide luxury car service to an even greater network of clients. Whether you just need a ride to or from the airport, or are looking to use a car service for business.


We are proud of ourselves, by offering a variety of shows in Vegas. Our network and affiliate companies can deliver a wide range of products in Las Vegas, so you can have the best vacation and experience.


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Vacation Gift Card
Gift Card Vacation

Why buy a gift Card?

  • Honeymoon Present
  • Birthday
  • Bachelors
  • or any travel arrangement

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